EQ:IQ SS2014 Collection

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Contemporary and classic, trendy and timeless, chic and sexy, EQ:IQ presented its spring summer 2014 collection, representing modern women’s intelligence and creativeness.

Two collections Body Shadow and Mirage are designed for spring with the former highlighting fluidity on light materials while the latter focusing on exotic elements such as desert landscape.

For summer, EQ:IQ takes you on a journey to see the spectacular blues and greens of Hot Water, flourishing flowers in Blossom Buddy, and opposite of beauty in Harmony of Contrast.

Body Shadow

1 A sportswear collection inspired by sport-luxe wear. To make fluidity effect for sensual distortions, tapered stripes such as silk organza and fluid graphics are printed on light fabrics.

To accentuate the mix of sturdy and soft, flock technique and lace are used in a simple way to create layers, hidden details and net effect.


34 Inspired by desert, Mirage created a vast desert landscape with animal graphics printed on fabrics. An exotic touch can be felt via irregular rough edges and asymmetric drapes.

Hot Water

Based on image the azure sea hit by waves under the shining sun and the warm white sand, Hot Water shows the coziness with water by simple silhouettes with drapes done with lightweight materials. Some bold shades of colors are added to illustrate tropical dreams.

Blossom Buddy

With an irresistible candy crush print, Blossom Buddy is filled with natural splendor and poetic touch via the soft and foggy effect of delicate and fragile laser cuts that adds femininity.

Harmony of Contrast

Sophistication is the essence of this collection, as well as what required to make contrasting elements in one outfit. Here, lines, stripes, and prints work in tandem, giving off layered and contrasted choices.


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