Callixto presents “Kimchi Dreams” summer 2014 Collection

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Callixto, a fashion brand and purveyor of eclectic jewellery and accessories sourced from around the world, has presented its eye-catching and edgy 2014 summer collection titled “Kimchi Dreams”.

CALLIXTO_KimchIDream_blue rope NL_HKD500 CALLIXTO_KimchIDream_pearl dior ER_HKD500

Sasha Dennig, founder of Callixto, sees “Kimchi Dreams” collection as fabulous finds from Seoul. “Korea is an incredibly fashionable city and I love the Korean aesthetic. t’s very feminine but still edgy, with lots of rhinestone and glitter. This season, I focused my attention on statement earrings as I think you can’t have too many of those,” she said.

CALLIXTO_KimchIDream_Green black chandelier_HKD700 CALLIXTO_KimchIDream_neon chandelier er_HKD500

Apart from the gorgeous beauty products and typical stylish Korean outfits, Seoul also serves amazing night markets that sell accessories and jewellery with affordable price. Sourcing the pop-tastic collection from around these night markets in Seoul, the pieces from “Kimchi Dreams” are accessible and wearable with retailing prices at around HKD600.
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