Discover Hong Kong with Renaissance

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On June 26th, The Renaissance hotel brand celebrated their 3rd annual “Global day of Discovery”. Encouraging travelers to “Live Life to Discover”, Renaissance Harbour View Hotel started their season long events presenting the beauty of Hong Kong local cultures that is hard to find alone.

Angryangry - transport-tram

The Local Discovery events feature a Heritage tram tour which takes visitors around the heart of Hong Kong on one of the most iconic transport, the tram. The slow tram flows through the city showing a beautiful transition between the older heritage parts of Hong Kong, to the modern city lights that our city is so famous for. The experience offered is more than just a pretty view, the slow tranquil trams glides gently through the busy city, almost setting you in a parallel dimension away from the crowded streets of Hong Kong, allowing you to fully appreciate the details of Hong Kong.


To celebrate the Global Day of Discovery, a Pop Up Hong Kong themed Cocktail Party was held in collaboration with local band KillerSoap. With many iconic local foods and special cocktails created exclusively for the party, the celebration took all the wonderful elements of Hong Kong culture, from food, drinks, music and even the view into one giant mixing pot of surprises.


A collaboration with local illustrator Angryangry is wonderfully presented at the Hotel. The district inspired artworks takes the most iconic elements of local districts and condenses them into innovative representations of the Hong Kong style through small transformations. The exhibition will remain on display for guests until July 10th, so go check it out!


Renaissance Harbour View Hotel Hong Kong 1 Harbour Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong


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