agnès b. LA MAISON SUR L’EAU Presents To Hong Kong With Love

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Presented to you by agnès b. LA MAISON SUR L’EAU, at K11 Art Mall in Tsim Sha Tsui, To Hong Kong With Love, is a photo exhibition by Cherie Chung. Capturing pictures of Hong Kong under 2 core aspects, Nature and City, the exhibition shows the serenity of the natural scenery that many of us have long forgotten, and the bustling city lights of Hong Kong that we are all familiar with.

2b. Wetland Luk Keng

Born in Hong Kong during the British colonial rule, Cherie has been familiar with both the Western cultures and the Eastern cultures of her heritage. The unique setting in which she grew up with has separated her as an individual, different from other women in Asian countries. The word Love to Cherie holds a direct and spontaneous meaning that is appropriate in different contents. Thus, the exhibition is cleverly named To Hong Kong with Love to portray the strong feelings Cherie and agnès b. shares towards our beautiful city.

1a. Below the Lion Rock

Taking the audience though High Island reservoir, Mangrove, Shek O and many more for the natural sights, the exhibition displays the complete contrast of the Hong Kong we are all so familiar with.

2a. The last rice field Long Valley

The contrasting aspect, the City, captures the essence of life in districts like Shek Kip Mei Estate, North Point, Sham Shui Po and of course the Iconic Mong Kok. Yet although we should be familiar with this aspect of Hong Kong, Cheire captures more than just the scenery. Human relationships and interactions are wonderfully preserved in her works showcased in the exhibition.

4. Hong Kong People

To commemorate the exhibition, agnès b. LA MAISON SUR L’EAU has put together an exclusive photo book to preserve the essence of the exhibition for audiences to take home and share the joys and the foreign feeling of our familiar city with friends and family.


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The photo book will be available at the exhibition venue in agnès b. RUE DE MARSEILLE, agnès b.

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