Yoshitomo Nara “stars”

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Yoshitomo Nara’s “stars” is the artist’s second exhibition with Pace Gallery. Featuring some of Nara’s recent work, the exhibited works combines his adolescent figures with star imagery to take on a different journey from his previous works.




Different from previous works with stars, the new exhibition takes a nostalgic childhood theme. The interaction between his adolescent figure and the 4 pointed stars, resurfaces the feelings of earning gold stars as a reward as a child. The pure adolescent expressions evoke mixed with our adult mindset lures our reasoning to suggest an eager to fulfill expectations and perhaps something more sinister.



Displaying different surfaces for his work, the exhibition pieces create intriguing variation of textures that adds certain depth into the different works. The sharp different between the exhibition set up and the rich textures of the work gives you a delightful surprise that captivates your attention.


Pace Hong Kong: 15C Entertainment Building, 30 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong