Galerie du Monde “0-Viewpoint”

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Engaging society’s views on femininity, sexuality and status quo, critically acclaimed artist Stella Zhang holds her solo exhibition, 0-Viewpoint, in the gallery space of Galerie du Monde, featuring a large scale art installation alongside sculptural monochromatic paintings.


The exhibition transcends nationality, gender, generation and identity to reflect on the artists own experience as a Chinese artist, Born in China, and has moved on to work in California and now Palo Alto.



With references to the female genitalia, Zhang’s work dances between the idea of exploring one’s identity. As a continuation of her ongoing search for self named ”0”, the site-specific installation welcomes audience to explore and look at both the artworks as well as societal expectations from a different perspective.548

Galerie du Monde

108 Ruttonjee Centre, 11 Dunddell Street, Central Hong Kong


Exhibition Images

By Kitmin Lee

Courtesy of Galerie du Monde