Exclusivités x id+fr “Feast Your Eyes” Digital Art Installation

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Combining the magic of digital art with the classic elegance of porcelain plates, Exclusivités presents to you  a unique exhibition that recreates a beautiful illusion of a banquet scene  on exquisite porcelain plate collection from renowned brands such as Bernardaud, Haviland, Narumi, Richard Ginori, Rosenthal and Versace.

The Feast Your Eyes Exhibition is created alongside Mr. Daisuke Ibano and Mr. Ryosuke Rujii, award-winning founders of Japanese creative and design brand id+fr. Originally named A Full-course Table, the exhibition introduces a digital technology to food plating, projecting dining sceneries and food images onto a table set with delicate porcelain plates.

The concept of the exhibition explores the different dining traditions in different cultures, from European full course dinners to the Chinese tradition of having many dishes prepared when welcoming guests. presenting the unique traditions of different cultures, the exhibition gives visitors a new level of culinary art and food presentation.

Exclusivités x id+fr “Feast Your Eyes” will also be exhibited from 19th June – 2nd July at Exclusivités boutiques in Sogo 7/F, Causeway Bay and 3rd – 19th July in Gateway, Harbour City, TST.