Paper Stone Bakery a Whole New Brea-ttitude

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Paper, Scissors and Stone, a simple game that plays a fundamental part of many childhood memories as well as the essentials in bakery, baking Paper, scissors and stone ovens expresses the message behind the Paper Stone Bakery, Bread is Life.


Using Grand Moulins De Paris’ (GMP) T55 flour, Paper Stone Bakery’s breads are of the best quality to guarantee a healthy and aromatic batch of bread made with traditional French techniques. With a whopping selection of 16 different styles incorporating European variants such as traditional French baguettes to Asian delights like the Japanese 3.6 milk series, the bakery sets off to give you the perfect loaf anytime of the day.


Inspired by the local Cart Noodles [車仔麵], Paper Stone Bakery offers a unique personalized experience where customers can pick their own preferences, from condiments, herbs and spice and have their creation made to order to show off to friends. Each order is made instantly and takes 6 hours to bake, a small price to pay to create a significant experience this summer.


Celebrating their opening, Paper Stone has also launches a unique collaboration with French Master Baker from GMP, Chef Dominique Genty, to release the new bread series, European Bread with Asian Twist which features 4 new styles created by Chef Dominique Genty that incorporates an exotic Asian touch to the traditional French breads.


Paper Bread Bakery Location:

4&5, G/F, FWD Financial Centre, 308 Des Voeux Road, Central, HK