Tsui Hang Village Heartwarming Mid-Autumn Treats

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To complement the loving Mid-Autumn festival, Tsui Hang Village presents their delightful range of mooncakes and other Mid-Autumn festive delicacies. Asides from traditional mooncakes, Tsui Hang Village has specially created traditional Piglet Cakes which can be obtained through an additional HK$25 on any mooncake purchases. In order to share the loving festival with people in need, a portion of the Piglet Cake proceeds will be donated to Chi Heng Foundation for charity purposes!
150717 Tsui Hang Village Piglet Cake

For 2015 Mid-autumn festival, Tsui Hang Village offers the traditional White Lotus Seed Purée Mooncakes with Double Yolks. The classic combination of the salty egg yolks and tantalizing sweet white lotus paste has become one of the most iconic symbols of Mid-Autumn Festival.
150717 Tsui Hang Village White Lotus Seed Puree Mooncakes with Double Yolks

Bringing back age-old recipes, Tsui Hang Village also offers 2 unique mooncakes within their The Moon’s Duo package. Featuring an Assorted Nuts Mooncake with Chinese Ham and the  Red Dates Purée Mooncake with Double Yolks and Pine Nuts, The Moon’s Duo is specially designed to let you share an unique Mid-Autumn Festival experience with friends and family under the luminant full moon night sky.

150717 Tsui Hang Village The Moon's Duo

 Tsui Hang Village Mooncakes Enquiry Hotlines and Purchase Locations

Tsui Hang Village (Causeway Bay) +852 6929 9953

Tsui Hang Village (Central) +852 6929 9951

Tsui Hang Village (Tsimshatsui) +852 6929 9950


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