Parallel Worlds : Where Art & Archaeology Collide

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Presented in collaboration with the Bandung Geology Museum of Indonesia, HongKong Land celebrated the launch of the Parallel Worlds exhibition on September 1st, 2015. Showcasing works from Indonesian artists Ms. Kinez Riza and Mr. Rudi Hartono, the exhibition invites you into the world of archaeology through the eyes of contemporary artists.

PW Opening_Photo 2

Bringing replica of fossils alongside contemporary artwork from the artists, the exhibition blurs the difference between art and archaeology, shedding new light to pieces of history and the life that inhabits our world.

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A highlight of the exhibition is the reproduction fossil of an elephant head, estimated to be 165,000 years old the magnificent replica stands tall like grand statues. Alongside Mr. Rudi Hartono’s unique sculptures, the fossil adopts an artistic form, transcending a lifeless replica of a once majestic beast.

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Capturing the tension between modern civilization and nature, Ms. Kinez Riza’s photographic series brings you to the origins of civilization through mesmerizing cave paintings uncovered in the world of archaeology.

Sectional #1555, Leang Bulu Betue, Maros Regency, Sulawesi

Parallel Worlds will be open for public view at The Rotunda, Exchange Square in Central from 1st to 18th September 2015.


Article images courtesy of Hongkong Land