The new smart fortwo Launches – Perfect Ride for Urban Drivers

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Mr. Peter Larko, Head of Marketing Communications & Pulbic Relations, Mercedes-Benz Hong Kong Ltd and the new smart fortwo Edition # 1

The new smart fortwo has been launched recently. The new model has undergone improvements in virtually all areas and is markedly more comfortable with compact proportions and clever details testify unique functionality. In addition, 5 units of smart fortwo edition #1 in orange and white colours are limited for sell in Hong Kong.  

The new smart fortwo are clearly recognisable, such as the headlamps, the cooling air grille in the front and the iconic tridion safety cell. In addition, it is fitted with rear engines, making it particularly agile in urban traffic.

The new models also come up trumps once again with regard to the maximum space packed into minimal dimensions. This describes the ratio of interior to exterior length, whereby the interior length is measured from the accelerator pedal in unused position along a horizontal line to the rear end, as a simple means of comparison between different vehicles. The new smart fortwo models attain top ratings for this criterion at 75%.


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