Henry Cuir Fall Winter 2015 Collection

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For the winter season this year, Henry Cuir infuses the raw elements of nature into your wardrobe with warm earthly tones alongside shades of blue and burgundy. Continuing the trend of color blocking, the Fall Winter items are patched together to create a delightful and comfortable style for the season.

HENRY CUIR Gullfoss Fur Coat HKD27995 (Cover Photo)

Fur coats in this season keeps you warm in soothing color combinations from the natural shades of brown, blues and burgundy to white light browns and greys. Contrasting the strong silhouette with soft shearlings, the fur coats are most welcomed items to your seasonal wardrobe.

HENRY CUIR Gullfoss Fur Coat HKD27995   HENRY CUIR Island Fur Coat HKD32995

The collection’s sneakers feature the Suede Bi Color Lo Sneakers and Suede Bi Color Hi Sneakers. Familiar sneaker silhouettes are beautifully presented in contrasting colors that sharpens and defines the sneakers to finish off your seasonal look.

HENRY CUIR Suede Bi Color Lo Sneakers (Left) HKD3695 Suede Bi Color Hi Sneakers (Right) HKD4395

To match your new styles for this season, Henry Cuir’s accessories includes a range of handbags, from Alaska Fur Bags which creates a unique twist to your styles to Gringalet Vintage Tote Bags which emphasizes on the brand’s renowned hand-stitching techniques.

HENRY CUIR Alaska Fur Bag HKD12995

For leather lovers, The Henry Cuir Fall Winter 2015 Collection is definitely one you won’t want to miss. The collection can be found at the Henry Cuir boutique in Wanchai.

HENRY CUIR Gringalet VinatgeTote Bag HKD9995


Shop LG1, 33 St. Francis Street, Wanchai

(852)2528 1488