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Ngau Saam Gun, (牛三館) in Chinese, is opened by three food enthusiasts, specialising in modern beef dishes. The restaurant only uses yellow beef from Shaanxi, which is a bit sweeter than any other western beef. 

Creash Wong

Creash Wong is also the Director of Wine of DRC Group. He stated that the dishes in Ngau Saam Gun are innovative yet full of traditional Chinese elements. There are also some Chinese liquor influenced dishes going to be featured in the restaurant. 

Chinese Beef Carpaccio ($180)

Sliced of raw and ultra-fine beef tenderloin with shallot, chives, olive oil, picked with vinegar, and seasoned with sea salt and black pepper. The light seasoning brings out all the original flavours and the sweetness from the beef, letting us know how tasty local Chinese yellow beef can be. 

Salt and Pepper Beef Throat ($98)

Do you think you can guess what this is without reading the title? We thought it was jelly beef tender at first! The beef throat is marinated with Chinese spices beforehand to shrunken it. It is then sauteed and seasoned generously with salt and pepper. The spicy dish can definitely go better with fresh lime juice. 

The texture of beef throat is a mix of jelly tender and beef joints. They are a bit chewy but still tear-able. They look oily and fatty but they are actually moist and sticky. They are diced in small pieces and they are really fun to eat with a glass of nice chilled drink. 

BBQ Beef Char Siew ($138)

Can you guess which part of the beef is used to make this amazing beef char siew? Ngau Saam Gun uses one of the tenderest meat of a beef, the cheek. This dish is very limited and first-come first-served because one beef cheek can only turn into around 5 servings of this precious and elegant dish. It is also our favourite dish from the restaurant. 

This part of meat has around 1/3 fat ratio. Firstly, it was marinated with dry spices for three hours then sous vide with all the standard traditional BBQ ingredients for 8 hours. The meat is so soft it melts in our mouths and it is also super smoky, just like pork char siew. Our concept to traditional Char Siew is a lot dryer and harder, but this one is the complete opposite! It is so soft, juicy, moist, tender, easily chewed……..What’s more? The charred edges are the best part to die for! 

Beef Brisket with Sesame Seed and Poppy Seed ($128)

The beef brisket was cooked in clear broth first, then deep fried with a coat of mixed sesame seed and poppy seed. Though it is deep fried, the high quality meat is still very tender. It is never worse to have a dry piece of brisket stuck between your teeth. The thick layer of seeds not only enhance the flavour but they make the dish super crunch and poppy! 

Rice in a Cow ($128)

Similar to toad in the hole, but fried rice wrapped in thinly sliced fatty beef and melting cheddar cheese, topped with a housemade ginger sauce. Its ginger sauce is inspired by the traditional one that usually goes with chicken. It is a twisted version that blends ginger with some Parmesan cheese, olive oil, and pine nuts. 

The fried rice is cooked with Italian parsley, pesto, carrots and eggs. We could tell it was fried nicely by its dry and not sticking individual kernel. Everything that is wrapping the rice lifted up the flavour layer by layer, first the juicy beef, then the savory cheese, and lastly the tangy nutty ginger sauce. 

Hua Tiao Rice Wine Panna Cotta with Chili Meringue ($68)

An obvious Asian influenced dessert that uses the floral-like Hua Tiao to make the smooth and milky panna cotta, topped with two Chinese chili meringue. Do not underestimate this dish as the liquor actually tasted strong and we could smell it from far, while the chili meringue was really spicy but not overly spicy that would kill your palette. The alcoholic taste and the spiciness complemented each other very well, we got drunk on food by the end of our meal. 

In conclusion, it was a special and fun dining experience with all the discussions about choice of beef and ingredients. We learned so much from the innovative dishes at Nhau Saam Gun. We hope to see more new dishes coming up and we can’t wait to try more! 

Taste: 9/10

Environment: 9/10

Service: 9/10

Price: 8/10

Address: G/F, 148 Wellington Street, Central

Tel: +852 2865 6899


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