Being Pretty with Schwarzkopf Passion Blond (Bright Fashion Color)

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I have finally decided to dye my black hair blond and I am honoured to try using Schwarzkopf Passion Blond’s Bright Fashion Color. The whole process is simple and quick. It only took me 5 mins to prepare and 20 mins to dye. 

First of all, just like any other products, you need to squeeze the entire Cream Color tube into the bottle to ‘activate’ the color.  

Then shake the liquid thoroughly until it is well mixed and turned light brown color. It literally took 1 min to do it because this is not a shake-weigh. 

One of my favourite parts of the product is the Comb-Nozzle head that you may change into after the coloration mixture has been evenly mixed. The head makes it so easy for you to apply the mixture all over your hair. 

After wearing your gloves, apply mixture to hair from darkest part of roots from the back of head to the side, then to the front. Since I have short hair, it only took me 5 mins to basically squeeze the whole bottle of mixture all over my hair. 

After applying mixture all over hair, rub it into hair and comb through to avoid a patchy result. I really liked the product because it did not hurt my eyes nor skins. It felt kind of natural instead of having direct contact with a bunch of chemicals that may harm your hair. 

Now, sit back and wait for 20 mins (longer if you wish to have a lighter color). Then rinse it thoroughly for at least 5 mins then apply shampoo and the complimentary after color treatment and rinse again. 

I found my new hair color charming and amusing to me. I really loved how natural it looks without breakage or damage to my hair, instead, my hair was still very soft and shiny. 

I highly recommend this product because it is really quick to provide a good outcome without any pain or pinch feelings to my skin or eyes. I think I will use this product again when I want my hair a bit more blond next time! 

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