Tsui Hang Village Hairy Crab Extravaganza

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With the best time for Jiangsu hairy crabs upon us Tsui Hang Village presents their seasonal menu featuring an exciting array of hairy crab roe delicacies for crab lovers to enjoy this autumn.

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Highlighting the distinctive flavors of the hairy crabs, Tsui Hang Village offers the Steamed Hairy Crab which marries the fresh flavors of the crab with a stimulating blend of ginger and homemade sweetened vinegar sauce to enhance the unique flavor of the hairy crabs.

151008_Tsui Hang Village_Deep-fried Crab Claw stuffed with Hairy Crab Roe and Shrimp Paste

To give this year’s crab season a new twist, Tsui Hang Village presents new dishes for you to enjoy, from the Deep-Fried Crab Claw Stuffed with Hairy Crab Roe and Shrimp Paste, Braised Rice Cakes with Hairy Crab Meat, Crab Roe, and Peas to the Steamed Egg White Topped with Hairy Crab Roe and the Steamed Minced Pork Dumpling Filled with Hairy Crab Roe.

151008_Tsui Hang Village_Braised Rice Cakes with Hairy Crab Meat, Crab Roe and Peas

The hairy crab seasonal menu is offered at all Tsui Hang Village outlets throughout October until further notice!

151008_Tsui Hang Village_Steamed Egg White topped with Hairy Crab Roe

Tsui Hang Village Locations:

Causeway Bay 22/F, Lee Theatre Plaza, 99 Percival Street, Hong Kong

+852 2409 4822


Central 2/F, New World Tower, 16-18 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong

+852 2524 2012


Tsimshatsui 5/F, Miramar Shopping Centre, 132 Nathan Road, Kowloon

+852 2376 2882