sen-ryo Flavors of Autumn

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Presenting to you handpicked and directly delivered Sanma fish from Tsukiji Market, Hokkaido to Hong Kong, sen-ryo brings to you the flavors of autumn with their Sanma fish festival seasonal dishes.

2. 鹽燒秋刀魚

Taking the plump succulent flesh of the Sanma fish, sen-ryo puts together a special seasonal menu that brings back some of the favorite Sanma creations, from the classic Sana Sashimi with Sushi and the most traditional dish, the Grilled Sanma with Salt to new dishes like the Seared Spicy Sanma Sashimi introduces the distinctive flavors of the fish with a special sauce that infuses the fish with an mouthwatering intense flavor that blends perfectly with the juiciness of the meat.

5. 秋刀魚刺身     4. 炙燒辛辣秋刀魚刺身

Alongside the Sanma fish delights, sen-ryo offers an array of exciting seasonal flavors like the 7” Jumbo Red Shrimp Sashimi, a 7” shrimp sashimi of delightful sweetness. As well as seasonal snacks like the Deep-Fried Seaweed Sardine Dried Fish Fillet!

8. 7寸珍寶牡丹蝦刺身

For a complete experience, sen-ryo offers sake parings with tantalizing autumn sakes like the Hatsumago Akiagari Junmai Ginjyo and the Shinka Autumn Tokubetsu Junmai!

11. 烤紫菜沙甸魚干

The seasonal Sanma dishes and autumn sake are available until mid-November at all sen-ryo branches.

12. 初孫秋上純米吟釀 _神開秋酒特別純米酒

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