Jacob’s Creek Double Barrel Innovations

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For centuries, winemakers have taken pride in their winemaking process, creating an endless array of sophisticated flavors that enhances any experience. Driven by the pursuit of innovation, Australia’s Jacob’s Creek has swayed from traditions to create an innovative range of premium wine that detaches from traditional wine making methods.

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Sparked by techniques used by whiskey and scotch makers, the Double Barrel finishes premium red wine with aged barrels that has cradled premium whiskies for up to 20 years. After a two year trial, Jacob’s Creek winemakers perfected this technique in creating the Double Barrel Shiraz and the Double Barrel Cabernet Sauvignon.


The complex Double Barrel Shiraz finished in a Scotch whisky barrel beautifully blends the tantalizing flavors of plum, fruit and chocolate notes of Barossa Shiraz to create a mellow flow that gradually brings out each level of the wine.


Finished in Irish whiskey barrels, the Double Barrel Cabernet Sauvignon has the sharpness rounded off, enhancing the signature herbal notes and black fruit flavors.  The softened tannins gives space to make the flavors more noticeable making it the perfect pairing for wine lovers and light drinkers to appreciate.


Jacob’s Creek Double Barrel will be available at PARKnSHOP from November 2015 at $208. The range comprises: Jacob’s Creek Double Barrel Barossa Shiraz 2012; and Jacob’s Creek Double Barrel Coonawarra Cabernet Sauvignon 2012.