Halloween Party at Broadway Macau

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Creeping behind the corner, the horror-filled Halloween night is almost upon us. To help you celebrate this wonderful festival, Broadway Macau has lined up a series of traditional Halloween activities for families to enjoy together for the Halloween weekend.

2015 Broadway Halloween 5

From Now until October 31st, 2015 The Broadway’s streets will be overhauled to overflow with Halloween related decorations, such as pumpkin décor that makes The Broadway’s streets a wonderful snapshot opportunity to commemorate a fabulous Halloween spent with families and friends.

2015 Broadway Halloween

With make-up stalls just next to the photo booth, even if you didn’t prepare a costume for the spooky night, Broadway Macau will have you sorted for festive scary looks to blend in with the fun activities.

2015 Broadway Halloween 4

On Halloween night, the official The Broadway Halloween Party will commence at 9:30pm until late. Featuring the Halloween “Take a Treat” walk that will give families a memorable “Trick or Treat” experience to fun games and captivating performances to make the night unforgettable, the party is a not-to-be-missed occasion this Halloween!

2015 Broadway Halloween 1