AP Contemporary Presents “Memory of Nonexistent Landscapes” By Armando Rabadán

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AP Contemporary proudly presents “Memory of Nonexistent Landscapes” by Armando Rabadán. Featuring Rabadán’s concept of multiverses in his Micro-Chrome series, the exhibition takes audience through a visual journey through different dimensions. Formed from 3 main elements; Scale, Colour and Music, the Rabadán’s Micro-Chrome series explores the visual connection between the 3 different elements.

Micro-chrome series, nº103,the mountain-200 x 160 cm-oil, spray and acrylic on canvas-2015

“Scale” recreates an abstract 3-dimensional space that both separates the individual planes, whilst creating a whole compilation of each individual to create a larger picture.

Micro-chrome series, nº110,gold-90 x 90 cm-oil, spray and acrylic on canvas-2015

For “Colour”, Rabadán expresses the notion of color being a language of painting, associating with harmony, melody and rhythm with a repetition of colors. The unison of colors with a touch of contrast makes reflects on the concept of space in “Scale”

Micro-chrome series, nº109,silver-90 x 90 cm-oil, spray and acyrlic on canvas-2015

The final element, “Music” weaves sound with visuals through the series flat square presentation. Representing music notes with a flat square while using semitone elements to represents “colour-noise”, Rabadán creates a visual contrast between the relationships in “Music”.


The exhibition runs from 20 November 2015 to 5 January 2016, at AP Contemporary:

28 Tai Ping Shan Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

Tel. +852 3105 2118