Galerie Perrotin Presents “Three Figures In A Room”

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Galerie Perrotin presents the first solo exhibition of Paul Pfeiffer, “Three Figures In A Room”. The main exhibition space plays a loop of the “Fight of the Century” between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao with a replicated soundtrack, creating an immersive audio and video installation.


The re-rendered soundtrack eliminates all traces of the crowd and commentator, leaving only that happens in the ring with the exception of the bell creating a surreal perspective of a fight that so many of us are familiar with.


With nothing but the soundtrack and the video which was put through a mathematical algorithm which in an attempt to remove the boxer from the frame leaves an ethereal cloud to match the new soundtrack.


The dark exhibition space draws the attention to the main screens that is looped in the center of the gallery. Similarly, in a second room, a behind the scene video shows the analog process of “foley” sound production which was used to create the soundtrack that places audience into the minds of the fighter, solely focusing on the fight and the fighters.


In a third room, the exhibition presents a series of small video installations named “Caryatids” [2015]. The small 3d printed visual boxes contrasts the small delightful form of the box with a sense of brutality which is expressed in the video. Showing only one boxer in the ring taking blows from an invisible opponent, the series shifts the attention from one’s achievement/victory to another’s defeat.


The exhibition will run from now until January 9, 2016.

Galerie Perrotin

17th Floor, 50 Connaught Road Central