ANTEPRIMA WIREBAG 2015 Christmas Gift Ideas

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An important part of the festive season is the sharing of girts! Whether if it’s for friends or just to pamper yourself for a hard year’s work, ANTEPRIMA’s selection of wirebags for this season will make for the perfect gift this holiday season.

Twinkling Pink

The festive themed bags include the 999 Pure Silver, Small yet Sweet, Funky X’mas, Furry Winter The Party Sisters and Twinkling Pink. Each embracing the iconic wirebag looks with a unique seasonal twist.

999 Pure Silver Small yet Sweet

For the glittering Christmas bag, the Twinkling Pink, 999 Pure Silver and Small yet Sweet are the bags for you. Featuring charming Christmas hues with the signature glow of ANTEPRIMA’s wirebags, the selections give you a delicate accessory to celebrate the charming holiday seasons.

Twinkling Pink

The Furry Winter items combine the unique wirebag texture with the sophisticated touch of fur, adding an elegant touch to your winter style.

Furry Winter

The Funky X’mas adopts a young dynamic energy with the Skull Brooch. Hot red combined with a brightly embellished skull motif gives you the non-conformist style. Alongside The Party Sisters selection of vibrant colored bags, ANTEPRIMA gives you the perfect bag for all your occasions this festive season.

Funky X'mas

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