Four Fox Ultra Premium Saké Launches in Hong Kong

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Four Fox Saké, an ultra premium saké, has been launched in Hong Kong, aiming to reposition saké as the drink of choice at the party scene with the partnerships with some of the hottest nightspots.

The launch of the saké marks the change of its traditional concept that it is to be sipped slowly throughout with Japanese cuisine, after being around for two millennia. 

During the launch party at Boujis Hong Kong, hoop dance was also performed by two professional ladies to spicy things up a little bit. 

Four Fox Saké is the brainchild of four saké enthusiasts, party people, and friends. Neil Hosie, David Innerdale and Andrew Rizkalla are at the forefront of the vision, alongside Japan expert, Tsubasa Nishitani. A passion to revitalize the category and bring saké back into the modern world led them to Niigata, one of the snowiest regions of Japan, where they began crafting the purest saké with the finest ingredients. This mixture of Niigata’s pure melted snow and highly-milled Gohyakumangoku rice has been brewed to Four Fox Saké exacting specifications, meeting the standard to be classified as the very highest grade of saké: Junmai 

With brewing underway, the team worked with internationally renowned design firm, Carter Hales, to create a striking bottle that would fit the ethos of Four Fox Saké. Instantly desirable, the bottle is a tribute to Inari Okami, the Japanese god of rice, saké, swordsmiths and foxes.  

The brand’s philosophy is that quality and taste, above all else, is paramount. The drink is versatile, it can be liquer based in cocktails with vegetables, herbs, or different herbs. It can also go with ice, room temperature, or warm. It is recommended that drinking it cold without adding ice would be the best way to enjoy the full experience of all the notes. 


Four Fox is available to buy at Liquor and Liquer for $550 per bottle. Four Fox Saké can also be found at leading bars and clubs in Hong Kong including Boujis, 001, Play Club, Quinary. 

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