Green Monday x Pizza Express – Beyond Meat Pizza

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Green Monday has worked with Pizza Express for a brand new Beyond Meat Pizza, called “Beyond Sloppy Giuseppe”. We were honoured to get our hands dirty at the Kind Kitchen, located in the recently opened Green Common branch in Sheung Wan. 

Sophia Cheng, Product and Quality Manager, Pizza Express Hong Kong

During the event, Sophia Cheng, Product and Quality Manager, from Pizza Express Hong Kong has guided us through how to make a perfect pizza using Pizza Express recipe with the vegetarian Beyond Meat. Though it was my first time making a pizza from scratch, it was not too complicated and it only took us about 1 hour to create our own yummy pizza! 

Thanks for the preparation by Pizza Express, the ingredients for us are the tasty plant-based Beyond Meat, mozzarella cheese, and some nice dough that has been risen for over 12 hours. Some oil may also be needed and Pizza Express uses vegetable oil.  

Firstly, we have to stretch our pizza dough into a round shape, though some of us preferred heart shape or rectangle, it was all fine as long as they are thin and even enough for us to put our sauce and toppings.

The Beyond Sloppy Giuseppe is topped with the lovely Beyond Meat mixture with some purple onions, red peppers, mozzarella cheese cubes. Seasoned with salt, pepper, and herbs. 

It only takes approximately 15 mins in the hot oven to make this beautiful thin crust pizza. Remember to let the pizza sit for a while to cool down and for the ingredients to set. 

And of course, camera always gets to take the first bite and before human does. 

Final Thought: 

The Beyond Meat Pizza tasted pretty much like real beef. As Beyond Meat is actually a plant-based pea and soy protein mixture marinated in smokey BBQ spices, some people may found that there is a subtle bean aftertaste, but for me, the taste did not bother me as there are lots seasonings being used based on the original Pizza Express recipe, which is already very flavourful using lots of fresh ingredients. 

The brand new vegetarian pizza, “Beyond Sloppy Giuseppe”, is now available at all Pizza Express branches. The price is fairly the same as other pizzas and the taste is just like any other meat based pizza. 

We do think that Pizza Express one of the best affordable quality pizza chain store in the world, and we highly recommend you to try this as an alternative to replace meat, but with even high nutrition value than meat. 

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