Customise your Classic UGG® as a Bespoke Gift

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UGG® is offering a complimentary monogramming service in selected Hong Kong stores, making UGG® a gifting destination this holiday season.

UGG® will be offering the bespoke service on selected seasonal and core colors from the Classic collection. Complimentary monogramming will be available at Ocean Terminal and Causeway Bay UGG® stores this and next weekend respectively. 

Visit UGG®’s official Facebook page and upload a photo of your warmest moment when you are embracing your loved ones. You will be rewarded with a HK$200 shopping voucher to spend at UGG®, and get a chance to win a pair of customized monogrammed UGG® Classic boot!


The bespoke monogramming service will be available at following stores during their respective times seen below. 

  1. 28th – 29th November (2pm – 6pm) at UGG® Ocean Terminal Store
  2. 5th – 6th December (2pm – 6pm) at UGG® Causeway Bay Store

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