Saboten Winter Seafood Fiesta

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To celebrate the cold winter season, Tonkatsu specialist Saboten brings back to you their bouncy shrimp pancakes this winter! Available from now until February 29th, 2016, the shrimp cakes will be offered at Saboten to give seafood lovers the alluring seasonal treat worthy of celebrating.

151130_SBT_Shrimp Pancake

Created from chunks chunks of fresh shrimps, the deep fried shrimp cakes features an alluring golden crispy crust that gives diners a satisfying crunch each bite to unleash the fresh flavors of the sea. The plump and bouncy interior of the pancakes overflows with succulent shrimp meat that oozes with juices, creating a mesmerizing culinary experience that keeps your mouth watering for more.

151130_SBT_Shrimp Pancake & Tonkatsu

The seasonal treat can be found in the Seasonal Seafood Platter which features a gourmet selection of Saboten’s deep fried seafood, and of course the renowned Premium Pork Tenderloin; the Seasonal Twin Platter gives diners the seasonal shrimp pancakes paired with Deep Fried Oysters, Crab Meat Cream Croquette and Premium Pork Loin; and finally The Shrimp Pancake Tonkatsu which includes the shrimp pancakes with an option between Saboten’s signature Deep Fried Pork Tenderloin and Deep Fried Pork Loin.

151130_SBT_Seasonal Seafood Platter

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