Rare by Oulton Launches Featuring Tim Oulton’s Collection

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Rare by Oulton features a collection of truly unique pieces procured and curated by Tim Oulton, Founder and Creative Director of Timothy Oulton, the purveyor of high quality furniture, interior and lifestyle items. The Timothy Oulton interiors collections find deep roots in Tim’s background, which involved him in his father’s antiques business at an early age. 

The first worldwide Rare boutique in Hong Kong showcases many pieces which have inspired his furniture designs over the years. Located just next to the Timothy Oulton store on Gough Street, covering two storeys, and features reclaimed English mahogany parquet floors, and an imposing brass door that has been fitted to what was once the entrance to a printing shop. The collection and the boutique is managed by Mr Lucas Vitale, who has known and worked with Tim for many years, and who was the founding gallery manager when Timothy Oulton opened its first store in Hong Kong. Rare by Oulton is to open its second shop in London soon! 

Address: 19 Gough Street, Central, Hong Kong

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