L’Eclair de Génie Opens Two Pastry Hotspots in Hong Kong

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L’Eclair de Génie, co-founded by one of France’s best pastry chefs Christophe Adam and Charles with the success story of LuluCastagnette, has opened Hong Kong’s first two pastry hotspots in Pacific Place and Prince’s Building. 

The shop has opened 6 boutiques in Paris and 5 in Japan. He is now opening shops in Hong Kong and Korea, where the chef has implanted an artisanal factory in Wong Chuk Hang to offer fresh products every day.

Do you know?

Eclair means “flash of lightning” because it is eaten quickly? The finger-shaped cream puff made with choux dough filled wiht a wide range of delicious fillings and toppings are becoming so popular in Hong Kong. 

To cater the taste of Hong Kong, the shop also offers a range of unique savouries and grecery choclates high in colours and tastes through the recipe of Christophe’s imagination, freshness, coolness, esthetic and creativity. 

Do you also know?

Matcha taste is the limited flavour that is only available in Hong Kong to ease our craving towards green tea, while savory club sandwiches are also only available in Hong Kong for customers who wish to have a bigger meal before some sweets. 


1. Pacific Place, Level 2, Park Court, Admiralty

2. Prince’s Building, Central



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