niin New Looks For The New Year

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2016 is upon us! Welcome the New Year with a bang in your style with niin’s new drusy agate pieces! Following their distinctive style of delivering the raw beauty of each stone, the new pieces add an exotic touch to your style for the exciting year ahead.


Fully utilizing the healing properties of red agate, carnelian, green aventurine, and mother of pearls, the new pieces is the perfect start to 2016 for those hoping for a fresh healthy start. The simple radiant designs will surely brighten up your mood, keeping you positive throughout the year.


For those who wants more change for the coming year, niin’s Stacking Rings is just what you need. Giving you the freedom to pair different colors together, the new ring lets you make simple statements with your fingers. The different colors available to choose from gives you a dashing variety to mix and match to your heart’s content for every occasion be it day or night.


Coming to 2016 with a burst of colors, the Yin Collier Necklace shines glamorously, bringing out your inner confidence to take the year head on! Inspired by one’s personal pursuit of balance, the necklace features a combination of dark penshell, yellow mother of pearl, jade, and brass, creating a sophisticated state of tranquility and elegance.


Alongside the Yin Collier Necklace is the Zayah Collier Necklace. Descending from niin’s popular Zayah Collection, the Zayah Collier Necklace brings out a charming feminine confidence and energy. Inspired by the artistic patterns of natural landscapes, the necklace embraces a free-flowing form that helps channel your inner strength.


To see more of niin’s mesmerizing items visit niin online at or in store at their boutique on 200 Hollywood Road (Shop E, entrance on Pound Lane).