Hongkong Land x McNamara Art Project Presents Lynn Chadwick Sculptures

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Working in collaboration with McNamara Art Projects, Hongkong Land presents the Lynn Chadwick exhibition. The exhibition features a large-scale public art initiative showcasing 25 sculptural works by the leading British post-war sculptor. Available to the public from now until 15th April 2016, the exhibition overhauls The Rotunda of Exchange square with 19 sculptures, along with six monumental works spread across Hongkong Land’s portfolio in Central, including Alexandra House, Chater House, Exchange Square, Jardine House and Landmark Atrium.

Lynn Chadwick

Crouching Beast I, 1990, Stainless Steel, joins the other 18 sculptures at The Rotunda, Exchange Square

The exhibition brings back Lynn Chadwicks mesmerizing pieces back to Hong Kong after 24 years. Renowned for his evolving series of metal sculptures, the exhibition offers art lovers and Chadwick’s followers firsthand experience with a diverse mix of his older works and more recent creations.

Sitting Couple 1

Sitting Couple, 1989-1990, Bronze, in Open Plaza, Exchange Square

“We are delighted to have Lynn Chadwick’s masterful sculptures back in Hong Kong again, after staging the great artist’s show at The Rotunda 24 years ago.  This time, in addition to the exhibition at The Rotunda, some monumental sculptures are selected to stay on display across our Central portfolio until mid-September,” said Mr Y K Pang, Chief Executive of Hongkong Land.  “We hope this will provide a fascinating and enlightening experience for local and international audiences, and inspire everyone with works by this great master of British Contemporary Art.”

Three Elektras 2

Three Elektras, 1969, Bronze, centrepiece of Lynn Chadwick’s retrospective at Tate Britain in 2003

After the exhibition, selected pieces will remain until September 2016, giving the public more time to interact and appreciate some of Chadwick’s most iconic works.  To learn more about Chadwick’s works, alongside the exhibition, a  thoughtful range of educational programme and touring sessions for students from secondary schools and universities will be available to introduce younger generations of artists to Chadwick’s work, background and creative process.  Complimentary art tours are also available to the public on a daily basis to satisfy your never-ending curiosity.


Lynn Chadwick Exhibition

The Rotunda, Exchange Square