Lady M Mother’s Day Tributes

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For the special time of the year where we honor mothers around the globe, Lady M debuts a pair of delectable new cakes for spring for you to treat your mother for the hard work and love she has given you.

Lady M Mother’s Day Tributes

Bringing to you one of the classic combinations, the Strawberry Mille Crêpes wraps layers of silken pastries around fresh plump spring strawberries. The tantalizing sweetness is the perfect treat during weekends to cast your mind off your worries, paired with the irresistible texture, the Strawberry Mille Crêpes is a must try this season.

Strawberry Mille Crepes 士多啤梨千層蛋糕 Whole Cake $750, Sliced Cake $75 01

Next up is the Mimosa. Paying attention to even the smallest of details, the cake blends different flavors together to produce a harmonizing unity that lifts your spirits. The delicate dome-shaped delight is constructed with vanilla mini sponge cubes around a creamy custard filling, giving joy to all those with a sweet tooth.

Mimosa 吉士海綿蛋糕 Whole Cake $580, Sliced Cake $58 01

Additionally, starting April 26th, 2016 you’ll be able to pre-order whole Strawberry Mille Crêpes, Mimosa and any other cake from our signature range for pickup in May to ensure that you have the perfect sweet treat for Mother’s Day this year.

Mimosa 吉士海綿蛋糕 Whole Cake $580, Sliced Cake $58 02

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