Celebrate Mother’s Day with ‘Mummy’s Moments’ at The Mandarin Spa

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In partnership with Karen Loke, founder of Restoring Mums, this Mother’s Day, The Mandarin Spa will launch a special “Mummy’s Moments” post-natal treatment for new mothers. The 60 minute post-natal massage can be extended to a 90 minute treatment which features a results-driven abdominal binding treatment.

Mummy's Moments

“Every mother deserves to feel comfortable with her body after childbirth and we are excited to be working with Karen Loke to care for new mothers with wellness treatments born out of long-held Malaysian customs,” says Karen Aleksich, Director of Spa at The Mandarin Spa.


Over many centuries, Malaysian mothers recovered from childbirth with abdominal binding and natural remedies that helps relax, renew, and recharge new mothers after welcoming a new life to the family. The 60-minute “Mummy’s Moments” post-natal treatment sooths mothers with traditional Malaysian massage techniques, relieving muscle soreness and supports the restoration of the mother’s figure.

Post Natal Abdominal Binding Corset (mid res)

As for the 90-minute treatment, guests can choose to include abdominal binding to help relieve soreness while using an abdominal binding corset that protects the integrity of the womb. An ancient post-natal herbal remedy applied for a flatter tummy will also be applied to help the body heal and recover naturally!


Both treatments uses essential oil blends which are certified organic and are carefully selected for their moisturizing, nourishing, anti-oxidant properties to ensure the safety for breast feeding mothers. With blends include Ginger Zing Massage Oil to calm the mind, boost circulation, and relax the body to reduce water retention and promote vibrant, glowing skin, the treatments are a perfect treat for new mothers after such an miraculous achievement such as giving birth to new life.


The 60 minute “Mummy’s Moments” massage is available at HKD1,400*  service charge on weekdays or HKD1,500+10% service charge on weekends, and the 90 minute treatment is available at HKD1,800* service charge on weekdays or HKD1,900* service charge on weekends. To add abdominal binding into the treatment, an abdominal binding corset can be purchased for HKD490 and used multiple times within the treatments and at home. Upon booking a series of five 90 minute abdominal binding treatments, guests will receive one complimentary. Both treatments are available at The Mandarin SpaMay 8 onwards. Reservations can be made by calling the spa directly on +852 2825 4888 or by e-mailing mohkg-spa@mohg.com.


*prices subject to 10% service charge