Le French May Films & TV Drama Galore

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One of the many highlights of Le French May is the wide variety of French films and TV dramas that it brings to Hong Kong. Let’s take a look at some of the best French cinematic experience to come this year.

Serie Serie

This is the second French TV Drama Le French May brings to Hong Kong. Featuring original shows from some of the most popular genres, including: action, thriller comedy, and Romance Series Series invite you to the Rooftop Garden of D2 Place One to explore French TV. Find out more here




Le French May x Cine Fan

For the first time ever, Le French May partners with Hong Kong Cine Fan Programme to bring audiences in Hong Kong a retrospective programme of movies on Tales directed by French cinema masters including: Eric Rohmer, René Clair and Louis Malle. Find out more here



Dreams of Another World – Utopia

In Association with Broadway Cinematheque, Le French May presents an alluring selection of 15 films with four categories. The special focus of this programme features French Animated Movies along with the numerous Wonderworlds they connect audiences to, the opening film will be Last year’s Best French Animation April and the Extraordinary World, voced by Marion Cotillard. Find out more here