Where does time go to? SWATCH POP IT UP Collection Launches

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Swatch has launched a new POP Collection that have pop-out heads with a mind of their own. You may POP them wrist, hooked up with a pearl necklace, or attached themselves to your yoga mat!

The new Swatch POP Collection comprises nine watches in designs guaranteed to let the imagination run wild. 

black and white pieces – POPdancing, POPmoving and POPlooking – salute graphical purity. 

colored creations – POPalicious, POPiness and POPpingpop – with confetti replacing digits to offer some alternative eye candy. 

extra fizz – POPover, POPtastic and POPthusiasm. Neon meets pop art and makes a splash as these extrovert timepieces pimp it up and pump it up.

Every watch comes with a special clip to attach it to wherever the wearer’s imagination takes it. Since Swatch knows these watches are destined to go places, there is a POP accessories range embracing colored neck chains, a metal pocket chain and a table-clock stand. Matching wall watches complete the line-up – just pop it up! 

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