Foodie x Foodpanda = The Good Food Tour: Dim Sum Edition

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Foodpanda, the amazing food delivery app, hosts The Good Food Tour every now and then with the assistance from Foodie Magazine.

Dim Sum is no longer just breakfast food with tea because they are just as fun to enjoy anyone of the day. Today we have done a Dim Sum tour in Tsim Sha Tsui visiting Dim Sum Bar, Caterking, and The Dining Room. Join the tour with us, would you? 

Dim Sum Bar, Harbour City

King’s Dumplings in Lobster Bisque ($55/dish)

When east meets west, my favourite dim sum prawn dumpling was swimming in light lobster bisque. It was an elegant yet seafood combination and I don’t mind it! 

Baked Abalone and Chicken Pastry ($52/pc)

The sweet cookie pastry held some minced chicken, and topped with a piece of delicate abalone. The mini size buttery tart was so cute with the soft and tender abalone! 

Steamed Rice Flours Rolls with Crispy Rice Nest and Seafood ($56/dish)

Steamed rice flours rolls reminded me of my childhood enjoying those freshly made and rolled dim sum with my family! I liked that the rice nest reminded super crispy even after sitting there for a long time, while the shrimp stuffed inside gave an extra crunch to the bite! 

Baked Barbecued Pork Cream Buns with Minced Ham ($33/dish)

The bun was baked with a sweet topping like the Hong Kong style Mexican buns, it was pretty sweet on the surface, while the filling was meaty with a mix of savoury and sweet taste. 

Caterking, Hau Food Street

Perigord Truffle and Scramble Egg White Dumpling ($31)

The truffle was powerful and almost overtook the flavour of the light egg white and shrimp taste. The dumpling itself has a thin and soft rice skin after being steamed to perfection. 

Baked Mexican Buns with Barbecued Pork ($24)

Why not some more buns? This time, the filling was a bit more saucy but less meaty when comparing to Dim Sum Bar, while the topping was even sweeter and thicker in texture. 

Spring Rolls ($34)

Their spring rolls took a twist and prolonged! The crispy spring rolls was filled with pieces of shrimp. Some sesame seed sauce was also provided on the side but I just liked to have it as it is. 

Siu Mai ($10 each)

How can a Dim Sum feast without siu mai? The pork dumpling was topped with a big piece of shrimp as well as some crab roes. The meaty bite was indeed satisfying. 

The Dining Room, The One

Gold Nest Pork and Minced Shrimp Fried Dumpling ($48/5pcs)

Another kind of dumpling with a crispy sheet which was formed by frying the dumplings with thinned out batter. This kind of dumpling has thicker skin, holding a generous amount of soup juice. Be careful though, they were all bursting out! 

Black Truffle Xiao Long Bao

An authentic Shanghainese dish with a twist. The xiao long bao was not only made with pork meat, but also a lot of black truffle paste. 

The skin was slighter thicker than expected, maybe that’s because this truffle version is a lot juicier than other ones? 

Fried Pork Buns with Soup ($12/pc)

Another very juicy bun which is in normal “Bao” size. The buns had been pan-fried until a crispy golden bottom, while the top part remained fluffy and nutty with toasted sesame flavour. 

Crispy rice dumplings with sesame seed paste

To cure your sweet tooth, dessert dim sum is not to be missed. These lava oozing sesame filled chewy gooey rice dumpling drew a beautiful full stop for our dim sum throll. 

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