Häagen-Dazs’ All New Almond Panna Cotta Elegance

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World’s leading ice cream brand, Häagen-Dazs, presents to you their latest ice cream indulgence, the Almond Panna Cotta flavor! Inspired by the classic Chinese Almond Tofu, the new flavor combines the rich aromas of roasted nuts with the smooth texture of the classic Italian dessert staple. The new flavor is already available in both the mini cup size and the pint cup size in general retailers.

Almond Panna Cotta Temptation_HK$109_Exclusive in 6 dine-in shops

The new flavor brings along 2 new shop specialties that features the new Almond Panna Cotta flavor. Marrying east with west, the Almond Panna Cotta Temptation and the Almond Panna Cotta Ice Cream Cake is a tantalizing delight you must try this summer. The mesmerizing construct of Almond Panna Cotta Ice Cream, mango slices and a delicate touch of chocolate makes the Almond Panna Cotta Ice Cream Cake an alluring creation sweet lovers can’t resist.

Chef Jean-François Arnaud demonstated craftmenship in the Confectionery ...

Additionally, at the renowned Hotel ICON’s buffet there will be unique Häagen-Dazs exclusive creations designed by legendary pastry chef Jean-François Arnaud! The exclusive Mesdemoiselles Profiteroles combines the classic strawberry flavor with the newest Almond Panna Cotta flavor to create a unique blend of sweetness for diners to enjoy. The Mesdemoiselles Profiteroles is available at Hotel ICON until the end of August, 2016.

Häagen-Dazs™ x Hotel ICON product - Mesdemoiselles Profiteroles_HK$158

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