anagram opens new pop-up store on Wyndham Street, Central

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By Juliet Lee / 30th August 2016

The brand’s first pop-up store in Hong Kong, anagram brings its art-inspired collection and sophisticated hand-craftsmanship to Wyndham Street, Central.

Among the locale’s stylish boutiques and art galleries, anagram’s pop-up store stands out with its refreshingly lush green exterior and eye-catching facade.

_DSC4864With white as the design theme, the clean white walls act as the ideal canvas to showcase the vibrant colors, unique prints and textures exhibited in anagram’s Fall/Winter 2016 Collection.

In tune with the brand’s concept of “The Art of Dressing”, anagram collaborated with acclaimed director and contemporary artist David Chow to bring a phenomenal sensory experience through the synergism of art and fashion at the pop-up store._DSC5202_David Cow and his workChow appropriates anagram’s premium fabrics as his medium combined with the skill of Fabric Sculpting to transform his two-dimensional work “Imaginer” into a three dimensional masterpiece titled “The Impulse of Ideation.

The art piece documents the journey of ideational and conceptual configuration: every thread, knot and stitch symbolizes the weaving of memories, lessons and thought experiments to form the tapestry of the mind.

_DSC5380“The Impulse of Ideation” is conceived through the mutual passion for creativity and modern aesthetics that anagram shares with Chow, submerging anagram’s designs into the world of art.

This season, anagram took inspiration from art to curate its Fall/Winter 2016 collection of modern sartorial elegance. “The Art of Dressing” manifests into six themes: Expressionism; Mineralology; Modernism; The Big Easy; Modern Renaissance and Excessiveness.

08_Stretch wool waterfall coat_Stretch wool swing dress

Influences from Expressionism are reflected in bold prints and saturated color contrasts – such as red, burgundy, cobalt blue, black and ivory – makes an outstanding statement in long-length dresses and structural sleeves.

Here, the bright yellow paint spatters invigorate traditionally feminine ruffles and lace in the “splash lace” dress.

02_Splash lace a-line dress

In homage to the earth’s precious minerals, Minerology infuses rich pastel hues – like dusty sage, dark lilac, sunstone and blush – into Spanish embroidery and shimmering French silk that exudes refinement.

Modernism features a mixture of high-low textures, like heavy crepe and soft lambskin leather, in monochromatic black and white for dressy-yet-wearable day-to-night style.

09_ Lamb leather and pleated silk dress

Stay cozy this season in winter pastel coats, sumptuous chunky knits and wide-legged wool pants in neutral tones from The Big Easy.

01_Ruffled compact knit top_Crepe sateen wide-leg pants  05_Fine wool two-way coat_Pleated wool flannel pants

Romantic-yet-contemporary, indulge in luxurious pieces from the Modern Renaissance; such as, the plush 100% cashmere coats and vividly colored double-sided coats; boxy, fitted and swinging silhouettes; and Italian color-block brush prints.
03_Sunset print dress

More is definitely more with Excessiveness. Opulent designs in floral prints and Spanish metallic lace are perfect for the multitude of cocktail parties and festive celebrations that awaits you this holiday season.




anagram pop-up store location:

Address: G/F, 13 Wyndham Street, Central, Hong Kong
Date: From now till late October 2016
Opening Hours: 11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Visit their website for more information: