New Eat: Kasa Central – a new vegetable-forward concept with a twist

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Kasa opens its second branch in the heart of Central, following the successful launch of its first Wanchai restaurant. The newly opened takeaway style eatery embraces vegetable-forward concept health eating, focusing on creatively highlighting vegetables or plant-based ingredients with wholesome Chinese flavors. 

The two-storey restaurant focuses on take-away while self-service seating area is also available upstairs.

Kasa Central offers a playful, MSG-free balanced menu for lunch and dinner with truly traditional Chinese flavours. Customers may pick three dishes of their choice from the different categories: fibres, carbs and protein. There are 12 options in total and you may mix-and-match your desired meal box based on your need. 

sweet potato noodles with sautéed shiitake mushrooms and onsen egg

quinoa with minced chicken, dried cranberries and anchovy purée

cold tofu with homemade celery chili sauce and chili oil

crabmeat with egg white, cucumber and red vinegar reduction

bitter melon with wasabi and soy sauce reduction

Kasa style vegetable terrine

homemade beetroot noodles with sour and spicy sauce and homemade

eggplant lasagne with homemade spicy tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese sesame oil

homemade confit tomato and sundried tomato frittata

Starting at HK$68, you can mix and match three dishes in each takeaway box set. Working with local suppliers such as Green Common, Kasa Central sources fresh, wholesome and sustainable plant-based ingredients, supporting the movement of healthy eating and living. The restaurant also sources locally where possible and ensures that high quality ingredients are used. All beverages at Kasa Central are also made from scratch using local, raw ingredients where possible.

Kasa Central also offers a range of healthy and homemade beverages, such as Hong Kong Milk Tea, Homemade Honeydew Almond Milk, Dried Plum Watermelon Juice, Kasa’s signature mocktails and a wide range of fresh juice blends. Kasa also offers their very own bottled Cold Brew Coffee and Homemade Soy Milk.

Kasa Central also serves delicious desserts that have a playful, local spin on international staples such as the Yakult Parfait with fresh fruit and Yin Yang Panna Cotta.

Kasa Central

Address: G/F, 61 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong

Telephone: 2868 6864

Opening hours: Monday – Friday from 11am to 9pm

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