Giorgio Armani Fall/Winter 2016

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Giorgio Armani Men’s Autumn/Winter 2016-17 collection Disconnected Thoughts

An accelerated wardrobe. Techno-tailoring for the digital generation. Dynamism, performance and innovation are the keywords of a collection that upgrades the man’s wardrobe, resetting garments, design solutions and constructions.

A fast urban scenario featuring innovative materials with a major focus on comfort, in which laser cuts and bonded strips and seams describe an aesthetic reconciling the new forms. 

Denim is the new passe-partout: bonded with leather or insulated strips it goes with the most classic bouclé and Prince of Wales check fabrics. Sportswear and tailoring come together in an innovative form of morphing: jackets conceal interiors with tape and reflective trim. Futuristic leather appliqué appears on jackets, shirts and sweaters in an updated version of military braiding. Volumes redefine the silhouette: jackets may be long or short, tube trousers are wide and closed at the bottom or have deep gathers.

Organic hues – stone grey, forest green and deep blue – are the colours of the collection.

Accessories are dynamic and pragmatic in character: shoes with rounded toes and injected soles are strong and ultralight; maxi bags in high-tech shapes have calfskin trim printed with wood grain; and jeans come with bonded seams. EA7 skiwear sparkles with silver and graphics, designed with stratospheric space in mind. 

Emporio Armani Men’s Autumn/Winter 2016-17 collection Up to Date

Giorgio Armani Womenswear’s Autumn/Winter 2016-17 collection Black Velvet

VELVET: Black, dense, tactile, mysterious. Giorgio Armani has always loved this material for its subdued, intense splendor. Velvet is the protagonist of a collection that unfolds in different episodes, connected by a material that plays with light and reflections like no other, creating a sophisticated, seductive imaginary world.

New shapes combine precise lines and the bohemian feel of fabrics swarming with jacquard brushstrokes, splashes of colour, gradations of tone and stylized flowers. These tactile, textured signs lit up the surfaces and intrigue the eye.

Also featured are surprising black-tie details, such as a decorative black lacquer collar with a long tie, casually placed on dresses and jackets, and nude fishnet ankle boots accented with black toecaps. In the middle of the night, black velvet is brightened with little previous highlights.

This collection, as mandatory for Giorgio Armani, looks at reality with a new eye – dreamy and emotional. 

Emporio Armani Womenswear Autumn/Winter 2016-17 Collection New Pop 

The current revolution: classic style and digital designs. Today’s seduction: strength and determination. The Emporio Armani woman chooses a sharp, powerful language.

On a black background more often than on a white one, a visual explosion of digital signs and designs, including a sectioned smile, and multi-coloured ‘scratches’. Clean lines and clear shapes. Silhouetted, rounded shoulders for high-tech heroines.

Short jumpsuits with short trousers that look like skirts, slim trousers, and mini- but-not-micro skirts. Natural materials are transformed by innovative processes. Sleek shoes with covered heels add feminine flair and lengthen the leg.

Sparkle-galore lends a three-dimensional touch to evening wear. A sharply-cut wool broadcloth coat with a sequined plastron speaks of Armani’s whole history – his signature blend of masculine and feminine. 

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