Hublot 2016 Watch Academy Watch Meets Embroidery

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Perfecting their art of fusion, Hublot has always been the forefront figure of research into the latest hi-tech materials whilst retaining traditional expertise. With their art of fusion, Hublot has unlocked a boundless visionary of artistic concepts that breaths new light into watch making.


Amongst their portfolio, the Hublot Big Bang is the pinnacle of their vision in the art of fusion. For their latest creation, Hublot takes the earliest decorative language, embroidery, and creates 2 new liited edition timpieces for the Big Bang Broderie. Working together with embroidery manufacturer Bischoff in Switzerland, renowned for their unique appearance and elegant designs in high fashion industry, the new Big Bang Broderie combines the best from high fashion with intricate watchmaking traditions and craftsmanship.


“It was such a challenge regarding how to show the charm in every inch of the watch, and we were all very pleased to give it a try. The embroidery of Saint-Gallen is transposed into the art of fusion to reveal all of its modernity and creative potential. The creative teams from both companies have come together to develop an exclusive pattern in order to create a fusion with the Big Bang’s iconic design. A real fusion of art and the mastery of a craft, beyond the technical feat, the creation is the result of a demanding process of development and a human adventure. A new icon was born. Accompanying women for whom independence is a question of style and a state of mind.” – Rachel De Lagenest, Design Director of Bischoff


The new Big Bang 41mm Broderie Sugar Skill and Big Bang 41mm Broderie blend confident femininity with innovation. Both of the models are limited to 200 pieces. In defiance of the laws of finesse, the dial offers a particularly reduced working thickness so that the hands and the embroidered pattern do not touch.


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