sen-ryo Hokkaido Autumn Seafood Festival

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Hokkaido is known for producing premium King Crabs that has captured the hearts of many seafood lovers. However, many aren’t aware that the province also produces premium Sanma fish that are in season during Autumn. Available until the end of October 2016, sen-ryo will be bringing Hokkaido Sanma alongside other seasonal specials to delight you palate.

Sen-ryo Autumn Seasonal Promotion 2016

Most people have experience with Grilled Sanma. Seared to perfection with a touch of sea salt, the Grilled Sanma with Salt is every bit you like from the dish, from the crispy texture to the rich bursting flavors of the fish. To give diners a new experience, sen-ryo presents Hokkaido premium Sanma in 2 sashimi variants, regular sashimi thickness and thin cut. cut with skin attached, the sashimi offers a unique texture with a new perspective to the sanma flavor.

Sen-ryo Autumn Seasonal Promotion 2016

With the Sanma Cooked in Plum Sauce, sen-ryo offers a new method for diners to appreciate the fish. A sweet and sour blend of plum sauce is used for the dish, creating a beautiful combination with the buttery flavors of Sanma, resulting in an appetizing dish that will leave you thirsting for more.

Sen-ryo Autumn Seasonal Promotion 2016

Another seasonal delight available this Autumn is Hokkaido Senpoushi Oysters. The large succulent oysters and exceptionally creamy.Diners can choose between indulging in the rich creamy flavors raw or cooked in sake for a light delectable treat.

Sen-ryo Autumn Seasonal Promotion 2016

For seasonal drinks, sen-ryo introduces the D.I.Y Kyoho Grape Sochu and the D.I.Y Yuzu Sochu. Diners will be given their desired juice to mix with a packet of Shochu slushy to create a refreshing alcoholic wonder to go with their meals.

Sen-ryo Autumn Seasonal Promotion 2016

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