111Skin Power of Cold

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For the cooler harsher weathers, 111SKIN presents their new Regenerative Collection, an unprecedented skincare range that channels the power of cryotherapy and innovative ingredients to reawaken your skin.


111skin_cryo-energising-body-serumQuickly growing to be one of the hottest trends, cryotherapy stimulates the body in extreme cold temperatures encouraging collagen synthesis for healthier skin both visibly and microscopically. Starting off with the Cryo Energizing Face Serum, created with an invigorating and lightweight formula of clinically proven ingredients, the serum is designed to energize, resurface, tighten and tone your skin for a smoother and clearer complexion.


To give your body a light and luxurious feel, the Cryo Energizing Body Serum replicates the effects of extreme cold by firming and re-texturing. Rice in Vitamin C and B12, the serum improves long-term strengthening of skin’s collagen and elastin giving your body a natural radiance.


To add the finishing touches, the Cryo Activated Hydra Gel provides protection against environmental aggressors to keep your skin nourished and moisturized throughout the day. The combination of cutting-edge ingredients including lotus extracts, TEGO® Natural Betaine and Ultra Filling Sphere™ ensures easy absorption making every drop count towards perfect radiant skin.


For the modern day women, the Cryo Pre-Activated Toning Cleanser is a mild yet deeply creamy cleansing and toning product that can also be used for removing makeup, equipped with an innovative ‘anti-dehydration shield’ the cleanser acts as extra protection to your perfect skin.



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