Winter Seafood Festival at sen-ryo

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As the chilly winter breeze sweeps us away, it’s the time to welcome the precious bounty the winter sea offers with the king crab feast. Bringing to diners a delectable selection of premium king crabs, snow crabs and other assortments of shellfishes including Senpoushi oysters, paired with the perfect winter sake sen-ryo leaves diners with an culinary satisfaction once again this season.

king crab

Sourced from Hokkaido, the home of winter seafood, senryo selects premium king crab, snow crab, assortment of shellfish and Senpoushi oyster for guests to enjoy the most premium winter seafood. Featuring mouthwatering dishes created from succulent crab meats like the Grilled King Crab and the belly warming Snow Crab Pot with Miso Sauce!

Sen-ryo winter seasonal 2016

Alongside the tantalizing crab delicacies, sen-ryo presents a delightful array of fresh assorted shellfish, from  Fresh Seashell Sashimi PlatterFresh Grilled ScallopFresh Geoduck Clam Sashimi, one of fall season’s favorite, the Hokkaido Senpoushi Oyster sen-ryo gives seafood lovers a mind blowing experience with some of the freshest seafood from Hokkaido.

Sen-ryo winter seasonal 2016

Additionally, senryo has also carefully selected the perfect winter seasonal sake to accompany the crab and shellfish dishes for guests to fully enjoy the “Hokkaido Winter Seafood Festival”.

Sen-ryo Autumn Seasonal Promotion 2016

To complete the Christmas winter season, senryo presents the “Winter Assorted Deluxe”, a premium Japanese Christmas platter with assorted seasonal sushi and sashimi. Beautifully presented, enjoy and share the love this Christmas with your family and friends!

Sen-ryo Christmas Promotion 2016

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