Intimissimi lingerie Spring Summer 2014

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By applying ingenious details and Chantilly lace, Intimissimi presented their Spring Summer 2014 collection full of sensual and perceptual elements, creating endless imagination.

Sexy and Contemporary Design

RI1063B SID1063The sexy and contemporary collection outlines the charm with elastic and unusual materials as well as lace effect. Plus, a mesh lure that is simple and delicate develops via using light and transparent fabrics in baby-dolls and bodysuits.


Sporty collection is not less feminine in that sexy is interpreted under simple function that flirts. Special materials such as transparent and skin tight net, latex and sophisticated lace are used to show body shapes and seductive power, tantalizing but not vulgar.


Sexy Lady

RID1069 SBD1069 RGC1069 The sexy luxury lingerie collection that combines elegance and seduction consists of materials including silk, macrame and precious accessories for a romantic and allure taste. The low-cut design brings soft cups and bras with balconette effect while the admired macrame plays with accessories and attractive laces. Besides, lingerie look more seductive with polishing and lamination.

Sweet Heritage

LBD1076Sweet Heritage collectionis, filled with elegance and retro style, expresses magnificence and comfort of lingerie to an utmost. Delicate lace combines with satin, outlining graceful charming shape. On the other hand, microdots illustrates beauty of all kinds of temperaments beyond generation via sailor theme and light macrame. Natural confidence is reflected obvious wearing the summer styles that is characterized by new materials with details.


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