FENDI 2014 Spring Summer Collection

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Named “Waterfall” the collection’s advertising campaign is inspired by water, FENDI’s 2014 Spring Summer Collection advertising campaign is filled with the elements of life perfectly presenting the collection’s cool fresh sensation.


01_FENDI_SS14_ADV Campaign


The idea behind the Spring Summer Collection originates from graphics inspired by the world of informatics. Embracing the 21st elements, the collection radiates the weightless beauty of sheer organza through the wonderfully designed layering and cutting. Taking full advantage of the house’s innovative technology in coordinating leather with a base of organza, the leather is patch worked into unique lines that really make this collection pop.

The mini skirt and long skirts redefines the length of the skirt category, the clever use of the sheer organza teases your eyes towards the ethereal, charming and alluring silhouette.




Using Iconic grey colors from the Roman walls and the orange tone typically found in old wall paintings in houses of Pompei, the colors of the collection gives out a fluorescent freshness coupled with a mysterious shade of night blue and black.




The eye-catching laser cutouts on the organza layers embellishes the items of this collection creating a kaleidoscopic effect that captures the essence of the spring and summer season. The sheer energy and liquidity of the pieces are as vibrant as that of a waterfall!




The innovations seen in the women’s collection are also applied onto the accessories. The sharp colors decorated with the laser cutouts bring the bags of this collection to life. The shoes uses silicon molded heels to recreate the texture of stones; this experimental and innovative style just might be the new biggest in the fashion trend!


8X4528 V1A M3A HKD8,900


“Furrytale”, this season’s jewellery collection expresses the concounter between Delfina’s dexterous artistic approach and the historic Roman Maison. Using the contrast of textures between the fur and the metals, the pieces are presented in a surreal style, bringing out the glamour of the metals and crystals with the soft fur, the unique style won’t be found in other places!


7AR363 U9C M1A HKD6,800 7AR363 U9C M19 HKD6,800


Whilst the women’s collection represents water, the essence of life, the men’s collection focuses on a whole different story. Desertification, yellow sand and the burning sun, along with the cracking surface of arid land, is what the men’s collection is about. Styled to fit any situation, the FENDI men’s collection make sure you burn your presence when you walk into the scene, and leave a burning trail as you leave. The clean and precise lines of the pieces in this collection brings out a sense of efficiency wearing any of the featured looks of this collection will show people that you mean business!


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