Fook Ming Tong Teashop present Chinese New Year Collections

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Lunar New Year, the most important holiday for Chinese people is right on the way. To warm up in freezing winter and feel the traditional festive atmosphere, Fook Ming Tong has recommended some kinds of perfectly-matched sets: hot Chinese tea along with pastries or cakes.

Sweet Pastires:
Aged Yunnan Pu ‘er Tea with Coconut Steamed Rice Cake 陳年雲南普洱×椰汁年糕

You’ll feel the rich layers of flavor and the bitter sweetness after a bite of the rice cake with coconut taste and a sip of the aged supreme Pu’er Tea.

In addition, the “Four Seasons” Gift Sets priced at HK$428 described the four seasons of Chinese painting via use of four different tea from four places: Yunnan Pu’er, Zhejiang Longjing, Fuding Jasmine Maofeng, and Nanyan Tie Guanyin.

Mountain Lion Remarkble Longjing with Red Bean Rice Cake 獅峰明前龍井×紅荳年糕

The wholesome and fresh red bean rice cake together with the mountain lion longjing makes the tea taste with bean fragrance, thus doubling the rich and sweet flavor.

Anji White Tea with Water Chestnut Cake 安吉白茶×馬蹄糕
The delicate and tender Anji White Tea sets off the crisp and daintiness of water chestnut cake, of which the fresh fragrance will show a long finish.


Saline Pastries: 
Chao’an Narcissus Tea with Fried Raddish Cake 潮安鳳凰單欉×金腿瑤柱蘿蔔糕

The fresh and light fried raddish cake with rich ham and dried scallop stuffing sets the sweetness of the tea, improving the taste and smoothness.

Anxi Supreme Tie Guanyin with Steamed Raddish Cake 安溪極品鐵觀音×臘味蘿蔔糕

The strong Anxi Tie Guanyin and cured meat are a perfect match with the smell accentuating the taste of the tea and raddish for a fresh finish.

Wuyi Da Hongpao Teamaster’s Select with Taro Cake 武夷精選大紅袍×金腿瑤柱芋頭糕

A festive set special for Chinese New Year vibe. The rich taste of ham and dried scallop taro cake exaggerates the graceful tea taste of Da Hong Pao.


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