Galerie Perrotin Izumi Kato’s Solo Exhibition

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Galerie Perrotin, Hong Kong proudly presents the first solo exhibition of Izumi Kato in China. Since 2000, Kato has been identified as an innovative artist through his exhibitions held in Japan and across the world.




Constantly exploring new forms of expressions, Kato uses rubber spatulas for his expansive fields of color. For the remaining space of the hemp canvas, he applies paint directly with his hands while wearing vinyl gloves. Using his body as a tool to apply the paint, Kato accumulates is intuitions in the form of art which we can see in many of his works. For Kato, the creation of his work is not a conscious process, but an instinctive premonition.




The figures in his work resemble the shape of humanoid alien with child like proportion. These abstracted motifs puts the viewer in a primitive life experience and leads them down a psychological path where we weigh the true face of basic human life and the vast possibilities of human living in our world. Stripped from superficial details, the figures possess a strong crudeness that creates strong feelings to the viewer.




As well as the indifferent paintings, Kato also produced a wooden sculpture to compliment his other works in of the exhibition. To preserve the natural manners of his sculptures, Kato stacks them in a pile or supports them with readymade furniture which releases him from the restrictions of having to intentionally making them stable.


The exhibition will be up until the 15th of March.