Giuseppe Zanotti Design S.S 2014

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Giuseppe Zanotti’s S.S 2014 collection sets you free to explore the side of yourself you keep hidden inside yourself. Separated into 6 different groups that feature shoes, accessories and bags, the collection lets you match your original style with these fashionable nonconforming pieces.


WILD SOUL puts you in tune with nature, showing off your wildest essence with extreme elegance. The Nirvana sandal takes tribal cultures and forms it into extravagant footwear with leather strips that entwines with your foot. The delicate serpent jewel highlights the ankles of the wearer creating a powerful yet elegant form.




THE RULES OF ATTRACTION creates an enticing silhouette that evokes the curves of a woman’s body. The open-toe mules follow, delicate, celestial sabot. The painted leather strips morph into a sandal on the bare foot creating a “Timeless Elegance”




The ROPPONGI – ROCKABILY stands somewhere between Japanese Manga and Johnny Cash. Absorbing elements from different young cultures in a game where nothing will ever go out of style, these over-the-top selections of shoes brings out the individuality inside you that you never knew you had inside you. Biker-style raw leather sewn like even scars, Maxi metallic zips pair with unlined glove tassels can bring tears of joy in the eyes of a rebel.




SNEAKER OR LIFESTYLE? From product to a way of like, this style has become very familiar with our lives. A combination of cultures and genres that goes beyond here and now, sneakers has become a unisex gesture in the constant evolution in the fashion trend. The vibrant shoes of this group take this style and throws in all the possibilities in fusion culture creating footwear that screams a way of life.




BODY LANGUAGE covers the accessories of this collection. These bold styles challenge all the social tolerances without crossing the line, using your body as a canvas to send a message of your character and ideal to the world.




MORE THAN JUST A BAG, a new concept, connecting all the dots of this collection together. From the details, references, and fabrics to create a series of over-sized backpacks and the “micro-bag zoo-collection”.