Tommy Hilifger Spring/Summer 2014 Collection

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Inspired by a road trip adventure through California, the Tommy Hilfiger Spring/Summer 2014 Collection, Westcoasting, resembles the wonders of the west like beachfront clambakes, sunrise surfing, palm trees, and rugged canyons. Taking apart the diverse landscapes of California to bring you 3 different fashion themes; Monterey, Palm Springs, and Santa Barbara.

The Monterey reminds you of the ocean, the bright blue, snow white and tank red offset by viridian green takes its inspiration from the seaside fishing town known for their stunning sceneries of the pacific waters. The theme focuses on mixing fabrics, colors and layers for chilly spring evenings.




Palm Springs forms the desert oasis into a fashion group that embraces the faded, sun-bleached hues. the group also features chambray mini patterns, stripes, checks and over-dyed paisley to resemble the origins of the theme.



The final stop of this fashion road trip takes you to Santa Barbara. Taking a modern sartorialist aesthetic, the looks featured can help prep you for a exciting day of exploring the vast rugged terrains, or get you into a quiet mood of sipping cocktails and taking relaxing strolls down the beach for a slower day.