Pinko SS14 Collection

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Minidresses sleek and feminine, sandals multicolored, all of these avant-guard design concepts came from her, a woman living in her world of style who plays maturely with palette of hues, shifting smartly between retro and modern elements.

This is Pinko Spring Summer 2014 Collection, where cosmopolitan meets the exotic thus signaling strong personality. A touch of unrestrained attitude is expressed through the wardrobe full of foreign travels, Pop Art, F.Scott Fitzgerald novels.

The new season collection features fashionable dresses, from knee high, ankle length, body skimming, to stretch fit. In addition, the collection highlights high-tech, couture, classic textiles and especially the print fabrics as well as unique working processes.


Inspired by tribal geometrics, cheerful tropical parrots, and Hawaiian hibiscus, frocks of this collection has vibrant colors like a beautiful painting from far beyond. Plus, the collection plays and effect between snakeskin prints and kaleidoscopic motifs.

Memory Puzzle

A collection with pure sophistication and original digital slant that reappeared modern-day Edie Sedgwick in cool and chic mood. Patterns are completed with patches from different time periods while prints rubbed with lettering.

Bubble Gum

Welcome to the soft and pinky miniskirt 60s! Pink is exclusive for saucy fun guys while dramatically elegant black was replaced by delicate crystals and bold cone rivet embroidery. Charms are also reflected via duchesse, taffeta, viscose, crochet, georgette and eyelet fabrics.

Les annees folles

Standing for the Roaring Twenties, this collection reinterpreted the chemise style, including the light pleasant chiffon and lavish sequin embroidery. The gold and silver splash makes it a chic must-have for evening events.


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