Zanzo Whisky and Beer & Robata Combo

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Whisky lovers rejoice, from now until the end of March, the eccentric urban izakaya in Tai Hang, Zanzo, is introducing a series of Japanese whiskey from Suntory, one of the best distilleries in Japan. With 5 different ways to enjoy the 4 premium whiskies, creating up to 20 different variations of taste which will surely satisfy the thirst of whisky lovers!




The newly introduced series will include Hibiki 17 and 21 Year old, the Hakushu 12 Year Old and the pioneering Japanese whisky, the yamazaki 12 Year Old. Guests can choose to drink these “Straight, “On the Rock, “Highball”, “Double” and “Mizuwari”. Amongst the 5 different ways to enjoy these fine whiskies, the “Mizuwari” is the most popular in Japan, adding the perfect amount of pure water to the whisky to enhance the flavor.




Diners can also enjoy Zanzo’s signature Robatayaki dishes and snacks such as the grilled duck liver with figs, and the Zanzo mini wagyu burgers. During Happy hour you can also enjoy the Beer & Robata combo which includes a glass of Sapporo beer which comes with 6 robata skewers for just $198!


140130 Zanzo Beer & Robata Combo


Address: G/F, 15-16 School Street, Tai Hang, Hong Kong